Sell Large Digital Content

Do you want to sell large digital content over the internet ?  Unfortunately Current Digital content sellers let you sell maximum 1 to 2 Gbs. We are providing your own digital content store.


  • Host your content up to  40 Gb.
  • 1000Gb Downloads per month.
  • Let customers to pay to your Paypal account.
  • Define subscription levels (Eg : Platinum , Gold, Silver )
  • Unlimited Transactions per month.
  • No revenue sharing model - Only a fixed cost per month.
  • Your own virtual machine to host content
  • Link download page with a sub domain name. (eg:
  • Customizable selling page which can link with your website.
  • Content upload via SFTP.


Initial Payment : $87.74

Monthly Payment : $19.87

Purchase :


For Sales, extra space, Increase monthly download capacity, or any other inquirers send a mail to 


Testimonial: CCNA Store

Refer the URL :

  • Users are allowed to register on the site itself or using a third party e-commerce vendor.

  • Logged in users Will be prompted the payment link, to make the payment through Paypal.

  • Once make the payment, users will be able to download the content.